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We take our role as your title company seriously. Our goal is to insure that your real estate closings occur seamlessly. Following are just some of the details we will handle for you in order to make your closing go smoothly:

  • Review title and insure that you receive your home free and clear of any title defects

  • As your disbursing agent, all funds will be deposited and disbursed safely and professionally

  • Clear any title defects or issues, insuring that you get “free and clear” title at closing

  • Property Tax and Homeowner/Condominium Association assessments will be verified and prorated at closing

  • Payoff all liens encumbering the property

  • Document preparation of Buyer/Seller and Lender Packages

  • eFile the recordation of closing instruments

  • Issue Owner’s and Lender’s title policies

  • Post Closing file data back-up

  • Form 1099 filings with IRS

Set forth below is/are the estimated charges or range of charges for the settlement services listed.


EquiTrust Title Company Owners Policy of Title Insurance Promulgated Rate:

$5.75 per $1,000.00 up to $100,000.00

Provides title insurance $5.00 per $1,000.00 from above $100,000.00 up to $1,000,000.00

and title-related closing $2.50 per $1,000.00 from above $1,000,000.00 up to $5,000,000.00

services $2.25 per $1,000.00 from above $5,000,000.00 up to $10,000,000.00

$2.00 per $1,000.00 above $10,000,000.00

Mortgage Policy (Simultaneous Issue) Not to exceed $250.00 Mortgage Endorsements: $25.00 each up to 10% of Combined Policy Premiums Settlement/Closing Fee (per side, or as per contract) Not to exceed $500.00 each (Buyer and Seller) In the event of a “Short Sale”, Closing Fee not to exceed $2,000.00

Title Search/Abstracting/Evidence of Title: Not to exceed $250.00

Third Party Surveyor Survey: Licensed Surveyor certifies the boundaries and location of physical Improvements on and around property (does not apply to condos) Fees range from $375.00 and up

Third Party Inspector Inspections: Licensed Property Inspection fees vary depending on the type of inspections, full house, or specific items such as roof, termite, electrical. Recording Costs: $10.00 for the first page, and $8.50 for each additional page. Doc Stamps for Deed are charged at .0070 per the purchase price.

A Mortgage will incur Doc Stamps at .0035 of the loan amount, and the Note will incur Intangible Tax at .002 the loan amount charge.

At closing the transacting parties will receive a Closing Disclosure (CD), and an ALTA Settlement Statement, often referred to as the Closing Statement. All items on your Closing Statement will require an explanation by our company on the day of closing