Closing Cost

The closing cost

Survey by a licensed surveying company which will show your property boundaries and where your home sits on the property.
Title Insurance provides you, as well as your lender, with a clear title.
Inspection Fees will vary depending on the type of inspection you have. You may want full house inspection or just roof and termite inspections.
Closing Fee is charged by the closing agent for closing on the property.
Real Property Taxes and Homeowner/Condo Association Fees are prorated at closing.
Title Examination is charged by the closing agent for examining the title search on the property.
Recertification fee is charged by the title company for recertifying the clear title after your documents are recorded, reviewed and title policies issued.
The Title Insurance rules are highly regulated. The Florida Promulgated Rate for an owner’s title policy is as follows:
$5.75 per $1,000 of value to $100,000 and $5.00 per $1,000 of value up to $1,000,000
For Title Insurance Quotes over $1,000,000.00 please call us for a quote.
Recording Fees may vary county to county. Broward and Miami-Dade counties charge the following for recording documents in the Public Record
$10.00 for the 1st page $8.50 for each page thereafter.
Doc Stamps for your Warranty Deed are .0070% per $1000.00 of the purchase price.
On a new mortgage you will pay Doc Stamps and Intangible Tax, Doc Stamps for the mortgage are .0035% of the loan amount.
Intangible Tax for the new mortgage are .0020% of the loan amount.
Doc Stamps and Intangible Tax are charged by the State of Florida.
At the Closing you will review your HUD 1 Settlement Statement; often referred to as The Closing Statement. All items on your Closing Statement will require an explanation by the Closer on the day of your Closing.
You will notice that the HUD-1 is divided into two sections; Buyer Side and Seller Side. Use the buttons below to view a sample page. Move your mouse over the sample form for brief descriptions on various fields.